Urent is your one-stop shop for any of your rental needs.

Urent is a one stop shop for vehicle rentals, Urent is a mobile application which offers wide range of vehicle rental options.Urent is committed to easing the booking and reservation of commercial vehicles within the MENA region. They ensure that renting a vehicle is very simple, affordable, and valuable.

Developing an admin dashboard

Urent offers rental companies to list their vehicles through the mobile app and website. They needed to build an Admin Panel for rental companies so they can manage their fleets, trips, fines and host accounts. This admin panel needed to be mobile responsive also the UI was also expected to be more user friendly and simple in terms of design.
The offshore team in Telexar had to work with the inhouse team of Urent. We had a excellent journey together. There were weekly calls across the two teams to check on the progress and also we had to sync up with the DevOps team in Urent as well.

The final solution

We were able to deliver a dashboard as expected where rental companies could manage their whole fleet, the main technologies used were Reactjs, graphQL and Nodejs. We had a smooth development journey together since we planned out the whole process well. The two teams sync up very well and were able to deliver on time.