Custom ERP for a courier company.

GTV has become Sri Lanka’s leading International courier services company, Through a combination of world-class infrastructure, logistics operations of the highest quality, and cutting-edge technology capabilities.

From a legacy system to cloud-based application

GTV already had a legacy system that was in use for their whole courier service operations. As the company grew and the business also grew massively, it was time they moved to a scalable system that could be accessed online and also that could handle their business operations effectively. They need a system that could be upgraded with features based on the growth of the business. We met with the team from GTV and few rounds of discussions to plan out the whole development process, by taking in into consideration of the features based on their priority, and based on it these features were delivered in different cycles.

Persistence of existing data and storing new data

International courier tracking needed to be connected with international courier partners such as FedEx, DHL, etc. to show tracking.  The team did research and came up with solutions by using 3rd part API’s, the team did the research and conveyed it to the client, we had a great journey developing this solution with the client since we needed to have frequent calls and brainstorming sessions to decide on viable approaches, the application needed a highly scalable database, since the company had a huge load of data that were already part of the legacy system and also the companies current shipments kept increasing, so highly scalable database solutions were needed, we as a team was able to suggest the client with the new database’s that are out there and we were able to migrate them carefully.

The final solution

We at Telexar came up with a cloud-based web application where the company were able to create shipments/orders for international and local courier orders, the system had features to store customer data, generate invoices for all shipments and the system supported live tracking with integration to DHL, Fedex etc. This whole application was developed as an ERP system specific for this client and also integration was done with Xero for accounting purposes of the client. This application was developed using latest Microsoft frames such as .Netcore, ABP framework and hosted on Azure