Project Overview

Tripafford which is situated in Melbourne Australia is a free Online B2C2B market place for Travel agents, holidaymakers & Travel loan providers to sell, buy & finance Holiday packages. Trip afford aims to have more than one agent in each city creates so that it creates a market competition and ensures customers get the best deals all the time.

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TripAfford Required a market place web application, where they could have three different users. The admin(TripAfford), normal users and the travel agents. The travel agents required a separate admin panel to upload their package details, to have a separate store within the website and accept online payments using PayPal.


The biggest challenge was to develop a market place based application for the travel industry. The whole app was limited to a very tight time frame. The travel agents needed a completely different dashboard with features such as generating reports.


A market place website was developed according to the requirements of the client. A mobile-friendly website with admin dashboards for the client and the travel agents were developed. Customers of the site had separate logins to track their orders etc.

Services offered

Custome Web Development.


AWS cloud infrastructure.

Technologies used

React Js

.Net Core